Charitable Gift Annuities

Earn Great Rates with a CGA!


For more information or to set up a meeting to discuss Charitable Gift Annuities, please contact the JCF at 856-673-2582.



Your Age           Your Rate

90 or over                  9.0%

85                              8.0%

80                              6.9%

75                              5.8%

70                              5.1%

65                              4.7%

Note: Rates based on single life CGA, effective as of January 1, 2020.

Rates are subject to change.

Tired of earning meager interest rates?


A Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) may be right for you...


The Jewish Community Foundation, Inc. offers charitable gift annuities to charitably-minded individuals 65 years young and up.


A Charitable Gift Annuity, administered by the Jewish Community Foundation, Inc., can help you make a difference in the community and provide you with income for life.


A Charitable Gift Annuity is established when you make a gift to the Jewish Community Foundation, Inc. in exchange for fixed payments for life. Here are five "real" benefits you will receive from a Charitable Gift Annuity:


You will know the exact amount of your payments before you establish your Charitable Gift Annuity. These payments will continue for your lifetime and are based on your age when you fund the Annuity. If you wish, it is even possible to designate a survivor beneficiary.


You may be eligible to receive an income tax deduction for a portion of your gift. If the gift portion of your Charitable Gift Annuity exceeds 50% (when funded with cash) or 30% (when funded with appreciated securities), you may carry forward the excess deduction into as many as five additional tax years.


A portion of each payment you receive from your Charitable Gift Annuity is considered tax-free and is not reportable on your income tax return. This effectively increases your rate of return.


If you fund a Charitable Gift Annuity with appreciated stocks, bonds or other assets, you may avoid the capital gains tax on part of the appreciation of the asset. Most often, this gain can be prorated over your life expectancy. Annuity payments are based on the fair market value of the assets on the date of transfer.


A Charitable Gift Annuity is a wonderful opportunity to make a gift that will help ensure the future vitality of the Jewish community.


In summary, the income provided by a charitable gift annuity ensures that you will receive steady payments for life at a great rate, while also allowing you to leave a legacy by starting an endowment fund with the JCF, thus helping the community. It's a win-win-win!


For more information on the Charitable Gift Annuity, please contact the JCF at 856-673-2582.   


Disclaimer: The information on this web page is not legal or accounting advice.  Any prospective donor should seek the advice of a qualified estate and/or tax professional to determine the consequences of his or her gift.  

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