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Start a Carob Tree Fund

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Download a Carob Tree Fund flyer, then complete and submit the included application to get your fund started. 

A Carob Tree Fund (CTF) with the JCF provides a way for local teenagers to learn more about and participate in charitable giving in the Southern New Jersey Jewish community.

A Carob Tree Fund operates similarly to a JCF donor advised fund.

Here's how it works:

  • Step 1: Parent(s)/guardian(s) open a CTF for their 12-18 year-old child. This works great before a bar or bat mitzvah!

  • Step 2: With a minimum contribution of $250 into the fund, this donation will be matched with an additional $50, thanks to the Barnard & Amy Kaplan Donor Advised Fund of the JCF.


In addition, for each of the following four years when a Carob Tree Fund holder contributes a minimum of $100 to the fund, the $50 annual match will continue from the Barnard & Amy Kaplan Donor Advised Fund. In other words, this five-year match will provide a total of $250 to help grow your giving!

Please note that other matches may be available as well.

  • Step 3: For each of the first five years, a $50 charitable grant recommendation may be made to any Jewish organizations including Federation agencies, day schools, synagogues, or youth groups in Burlington, Camden, or Gloucester counties, as long as at least $150 remains in the fund. Once the fund's balance reaches $2,500, it can be used like a normal donor advised fund.

Wait! There's more!


The JCF can provide free workshops for teen Carob Tree Fund participants during the school year, focusing on philanthropy, finances, and beyond. Consult a JCF team member to learn more.


Ready to get started with a Carob Tree Fund?


To begin your journey into philanthropy, please download the Carob Tree Fund application form, and complete and return the form on page 2. A JCF team member will contact you to get you up and running!



Please contact the JCF at 856-673-2528 to discuss Carob Tree Funds in more detail.


Thank you.

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