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Tree of Life Society Endowment Fund

2019 Tree of Life group photo.jpg

Participants in the Katz JCC's Adult, Cultural & Judaic Department programming pictured here enjoying the services provided by the JCC.​

Learn More about Organizational Endowment Funds


Non-profit organizations, such as charities, schools, museums, and others, can benefit by establishing Organization Endowment Funds with the Jewish Community Foundation, Inc. 


Endowment funds help ensure an annual funding stream to help continue vital services and programs for the community. 


To learn more about how the JCF can help, please contact us at 856-673-2560

The Katz JCC's Adult, Cultural & Judaic Department provides many services for the Southern New Jersey community, including:


  • The Saltzman Foundation Life Long Learning Institute

  • Social/Recreational Activities

  • Transportation

  • Nutrition


To help sustain these vital programs for years to come, the department established the Tree of Life Society Endowment Fund with the JCF. The fund will ensure programming continues for older adults in Southern New Jersey now AND in the future.


Thanks to hundreds of generous donors who have contributed donations large and small, the fund continues to expand, enabling older adult programming to carry on for future generations.


Want to Support the Tree of Life Society Endowment Fund?


Contributions to this fund are tax deductible and can be made in any amount.

To donate to the Tree of Life Society Endowment Fund, please visit the Katz JCC donation page (a new window will open; select "Tree of Life" in the drop down menu), or contact:


Brian Adler at 856-424-4444 x1283


Marcy Lahav at 856-424-4444 x1247.

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