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Life & Legacy

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What is Life & Legacy® and Life & Legacy Plus, and how do these initiatives benefit the Southern New Jersey Jewish community?


In 2013, the Jewish Community Foundation, Inc. was selected to participate in the Life & Legacy program, funded by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation (HGF). Being selected for this program has been a great honor for the JCF and a momentous occasion for the long-term benefit of the Southern New Jersey Jewish community.


Only a small handful of communities throughout North America are accepted to participate each year, and the 70+ communities that have been involved thus far have had overwhelming success since the launch of Life & Legacy, collectively securing over one billion dollars in after lifetime giving.


Performance Update


As of March 31, 2024, over 600 legacy donors have made a total of over 900 commitments to benefit the local participating organizations.


Based on an estimate of $25,000 per commitment, this equals upwards of $22 million in expected future assets in endowment funds to benefit the Southern New Jersey Jewish community! This number of commitments is among the highest out of all participating LIFE & LEGACY communities from across the country!


Congratulations and thank you to all who have participated thus far. 


How you can get involved:

If you would like to support any of the participating organizations by establishing a legacy gift, we invite you to contact any participating organization directly, or contact Mike Staff at the JCF at 856-673-2528. Here's how you can help:


  • The next step is to review and sign our Letter of Intent form and submit it to the JCF or a selected organization, and ultimately we can work with you to formalize your legacy gift. 

  • If you have formalized your gift, please download our Legacy Gift Confirmation form and submit it and your selected organization(s) will know that your gift is in place.

  • In addition, you may contribute current dollars to an endowment fund that benefits the SNJ Jewish organization of your choice. 


Bonus: By completing any of the above three steps, you may help your designated beneficiary organization earn incentive dollars! Contact us today to learn more. 


Leaving a legacy can be easy to do and anybody can participate, regardless of age, wealth, or affiliation. In addition, you can during your lifetime by updating your life insurance or IRA beneficiary forms or adding a gift in your will or estate plans. 


Thank you.

Request your complimentary Estate and Legacy Planning Guide from the JCF today by calling 856-673-2528 or emailing


This complimentary 28-page guide is designed to help get you started with creating your estate plans and leaving a legacy. 

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Download a Letter of Intent form, fill out some basic information, and return the form to any participating organization or the JCF to show your commitment to our community's future.

Legacy Gift Confirmation form screenshot 2024.png

Download a Legacy Gift Confirmation form, complete the requested information, and return it to any participating organization or the JCF to show that your legacy is in place. 

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