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Start an Endowment Fund

Watch Our Video to Learn More about Endowment Funds...

By starting an endowment fund, you can support the future of your most cherished cause.

Here is how you can establish an endowment fund and how the fund will operate:

  • Consider any philanthropic passions you may have. The JCF is happy to meet with you to talk about your interests and assist you in developing a plan to meet your long-term philanthropic goals. You may choose to support:

    • A single organization, such as the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey and its family of agencies, a synagogue, day school, or other Jewish or secular organization;

    • Individuals through a financial scholarship award to be used toward post-high school education, travel, or other expenses;

    • The JCF Grants program that funds new and innovative programs and services throughout South Jersey;

    • Or other interest that you may have

  • Establish an agreement for your endowment fund with the JCF. Your signed fund agreement will guide the JCF on how to manage the fund now and in the future, covering such topics as what cause your fund’s annual payout will benefit, who represents the fund, and more.  

  • Contribute to your endowment fund at any time.

    • The JCF accepts appreciated assets such as stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, as well as cash and a variety of other giving options.

    • All contributions are tax deductible and can be added at any time and by any donor.

    • After-lifetime gifts can also go into the fund and are a wonderful way to leave a lasting legacy.

    • The JCF can even work with you and your trusted advisor to determine how you may maximize your tax benefits through your donation. (Note: The JCF does not provide estate, financial, or tax advice.)

  • Your endowment fund will be professionally invested. The JCF Board, staff, and Investment Committee work closely with our investment management firm, SEI, to have your contributions invested in a diversified portfolio of equities, bonds, and other vehicles with the goal of growing over time.

  • The JCF distributes a payout from your endowment fund every year. To perpetuate annual income to the cause of your choice, a percentage (usually 5%) of your fund’s balance is paid out annually, creating a reliable stream of revenue for decades on end.


Who can establish an endowment fund?

  • Individuals and families: Your fund represents a meaningful way to leave a charitable legacy of your own, memorialize loved ones, or even give anonymously.

  • Nonprofit organizations: Any nonprofit or synagogue can establish an endowment fund for its own benefit to receive a baseline of annual funding for the long run. Similarly, a dissolved nonprofit can create a legacy in the organization’s name to benefit other causes.

  • Like-minded groups of individuals: A group of donors can establish a fund for a cause that is important to them.


How can I get started by creating an endowment fund?


The JCF is here to help, please contact us at 856-673-2528 or


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