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Applying for Scholarships

The JCF proudly offers Scholarship & Emerging Leader Awards to the SNJ community.

About Our Awards

The Jewish Community Foundation, Inc. provides annual Scholarship & Emerging Leader Awards for deserving recipients in Burlington, Camden, & Gloucester Counties in Southern New Jersey. 


These awards have been created by generous individuals, families, and/or organizations who had the foresight and dedication to help others achieve their educational or career goals. To do so, they utilized the services of the JCF to establish endowment funds that generate monetary awards every year for generations on end.


A volunteer committee reviews the applications to determine which applicant(s) best exemplify each available award.

All awards are for one year. Award winners may reapply if interested and if they still qualify. 


What Types of Awards Does the JCF Provide?

The JCF offers two broad categories of awards:

Scholarship Awards: Individuals in high school and college may apply to as many scholarship awards as they may qualify for, in order to receive financial assistance to further their educational endeavors

Emerging Leader Awards: Rabbis, agency directors, and other community leaders may nominate an individual to receive an emerging leader award to provide financial assistance towards personal/professional development

"Great! How Do I Get Started?"


Below are the steps to take to apply. For any further assistance, please contact the JCF at 856-673-2528.

1. Application & Nomination Forms: Please see below for "Key Documents" needed to apply for a Scholarship Award or to nominate an Emerging Leader. These documents must be completed in full and be submitted with any appropriate accompanying documentation. 

2. Deadline to Apply/Nominate: 


All applications and nominations must be submitted before

Monday, March 2, 2020 at 5:00 PM.

3. Reviewing Award Criteria: Before applying, review the criteria for each award, listed below, to find the award(s) for which you are best qualified, or for which you wish to nominate a candidate.  


4. How to Submit Your Application/Nomination: We ask that applications/nominations be submitted via email to infojcf@jfedsnj.org. Alternatively, we recognize that mailing all or part of an application (transcripts, for example) may be necessary, and may be sent to:

JCF, Inc.

Attn: Scholarship Committee

1301 Springdale Rd., Suite 200

Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

Key Documents

Click on the following links to download the necessary documents for the JCF Scholarship & Emerging Leader Awards process:

Scholarship Award Application 

(this includes financial application, for applicants who need to fill it out, depending on award requirements)

Our Scholarship Awards Info Sheet provides a quick snapshot of our awards process. 


Nomination Award Application

Application Requirements Chart for JCF Awards

Use this chart to compare award criteria and application document requirements

Please review the following descriptions of all available JCF Scholarship Awards.

Each applicant may apply to any award for which he or she is qualified.

Thank you and best of luck!

Apply for JCF Scholarship Awards


Nominate an

Emerging Leader

Rabbis, directors, and other community leaders may nominate an individual to earn

a financial award for personal/professional development