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Applying for Scholarships

The JCF proudly offers Scholarship Awards to the SNJ community.

The 2023 JCF Scholarship Awards Cycle is NOW CLOSED.


Our 2024 awards cycle will open by late December, with the application deadline set to be Friday, March 1, 2024 at 4:00 p.m.


Apply at: 

(Note: The application is hosted by Scholar's App, where applicants can create an online account, apply for JCF Scholarship Awards, and also apply for other awards from across the country that are hosted by Scholar's App.)

Background about JCF Scholarship Awards

  • Creation of Awards: Generous individuals, families, and organizations created endowment funds with the JCF to spin off annual financial awards every year to benefit many future generations of local scholars.

  • Eligibility: JCF Scholarship Awards are available for all higher education (post high school) students who are enrolled (or plan to enroll) in full-time studies for the Fall 2023.

  • Award Process:

    1. The deadline to apply for 2023 JCF Scholarship Awards has passed. Applicants must apply via the new online application portal. Award information and criteria can be found below. 

    2. A volunteer committee reviews all applications to determine which applicant(s) best exemplify each available award.

    3. Results are announced by early May 2023.

    4. A special reception will be held in June 2023 for awardees and their immediate families.

    5. Applicants have up to one year to use their awards. In certain extenuating circumstances, an awardee may request a time extension, which would then need to be approved by the committee.

Who May Apply for JCF Scholarship Awards?

  • Local Residents: An applicant's home residence must be in Burlington, Camden, or Gloucester County in Southern New Jersey (exception: JWV Post 126 Award, where the applicant may live outside of the tri-county area, but is a child or grandchild of a JWV Post 126 member in good standing). Applicants may attend a post-high school education program outside of the tri-county area. Please contact us with any concerns regarding residency. 

  • Candidates Per Award Criteria: To determine which award(s) to apply for, a prospective applicant should review each award's criteria, and apply accordingly. Note that criteria can vary per award based on such requirements as an applicant's age, merit vs. financial need, gender, etc. Most, but not all, awards are for applicants of Jewish faith. An applicant may apply to multiple awards each year.

  • Reapplying: Each award is for a one-year time period. Applicants may reapply in subsequent years to any JCF award for which they qualify, regardless of whether they received an award previously or did not.

  • Emerging Leader Award: Our Asbell Award is for emerging leaders in high school and is based on a nomination process by Jewish community leaders. Learn more here. 

Ready to Apply? Start Here:


Below are the steps to take to apply. For any further assistance, please contact the JCF at 856-673-2528.

1. Review Award Criteria:


2. Complete the Application: 


  • To apply, visit our scholarship application portal via Scholar's App. 

  • Required documents such as personal essays, transcripts, etc. as required for each award can be uploaded into the online portal. (Note: if applying for multiple awards that ask for the same documents, you do not need to submit the same documents twice.)

  • 2023 SAT/ACT Update: Many high school students have not been taking the SAT or ACT tests. If you have not taken either of these tests, you may still apply. On the application, you may put N/A in the spaces if you did not take the tests.

  • All of your documents will be able to be uploaded into the online application portal, but if you find that you need to mail or email any documents, please use the following mailing address:

JCF, Inc.

Attn: Scholarship Committee

1301 Springdale Rd., Suite 200

Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

Once completed, the JCF may contact you if any questions arise about your application, otherwise each applicant will hear from us regarding award results by early May. 

3. (After Awards are Approved) Request Your Award Payouts:


If you receive a JCF Scholarship Award, please fill out our Award Disbursement Request Form in order for us to process the award checks correctly. Note that the JCF prefers to send the award dollars directly to each awardee's educational institution, however, for certain awards we may need to send the awardee the payout directly, following submission of receipts/invoices. 

Please review the following descriptions of all available JCF Scholarship Awards.

Each applicant may apply to any award for which he or she is qualified.

Thank you and best of luck!

About JCF Scholarship Awards

Scholarship Awards
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