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Jewish Sacred Aging Fund


Mission Statement

Founded and led by Rabbi Richard Address D.Min, Jewish Sacred Aging® is a forum for the Jewish community providing resources and texts that feature discussions, consolations and programs on the implications of the revolution in longevity for congregations, organizations, families and individuals. As part of this mission, we focus on the spiritual concerns that are present in what is often called the "third stage" of life. To assist in this mission, we have created the Jewish Sacred Aging® Facebook page as well as a weekly podcast series called "Seekers of Meaning" that is accessed via our web site,, and other popular podcast sites.

Getting Involved. Jewish Sacred Aging® Outreach.

The revolution in longevity is substantially changing much of the demographics of our community.

Jewish Sacred Aging® works with congregations and organizations in helping to create text based programs and responses that speak to the growing challenges of the new Jewish elder.

Likewise, we work with families and individuals in looking at how our texts and tradition can inform us in key areas that so may of us encounter. These areas include: caregiving, end of life challenges, the creation of new rituals for new life stages, mental health issues, the economics of aging, and a text based guide to healthy and positive aging.

We also offer one-on-one consultations on these issues for individuals, families and congregations.

If You Choose to Contribute:

We appreciate very much your contribution and if you choose to do so, please complete the form below.

Donations made to the JCF to benefit Jewish Sacred Aging® are fully tax deductible charitable contributions. Note that raffle tickets are not tax deductible. (Please consult your tax professional for any questions about your contribution, as the JCF does not provide tax or legal advice.)

To help facilitate their organizational efforts, Jewish Sacred Aging® utilizes the services of the Jewish Community Foundation, Inc. to administer its funds and provide consulting services.

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