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Jamie Lieberman Cancer Research Memorial Endowment Fund

Donate to the Lieberman Fund


To make a tax-deductible contribution to benefit this fund, complete the credit card form at bottom, or send a check made payable to JCF, Inc., please write "Lieberman Fund" in the memo, and mail or drop it off to:


JCF, Inc.

1301 Springdale Rd., Suite 200

Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

Attn: Jamie Lieberman Fund


To make a donation in Honor of/In Memory of, please include the information when sending the check, or email us the name of the person you would like to honor or memorialize after completing your donation, or you can call us at 856-673-2582. Thank you!

In 2012, at the young age of 35, Jamie Brooke Lieberman's life was taken away by a distinct and very aggressive form of Breast Cancer known as Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Inflammatory Breast Cancer affects 1-5 percent of the entire Breast Cancer population but accounts for 10 percent of all deaths. It was indeed a tragedy and a dark day for her family and for anybody in the South Jersey community, and elsewhere, who knew her.


But the memory of Jamie (pictured, left) lives on brightly today as a fighter, who, after learning of her diagnosis, devoted her life to raising awareness and funding for research. Jamie worked closely with her doctor and the Susan G. Komen organization to do whatever she could to help save the lives of others from this dreaded form of cancer.


Remembering Jamie's Legacy


To build on this selfless determination, Jamie's parents, Carole and Jules Lieberman, have since made it their goal to continue Jamie's legacy by working to generate awareness and find a cure for Inflammatory Breast Cancer. To do so, they established The Jamie Lieberman Breast Cancer Research Memorial Endowment Fund, an endowment fund administered by the Jewish Community Foundation, Inc.


One of their initiatives has been to sell beautifully crafted bracelets that memorialize Jamie's name and serve as a fashionable way to get people talking about this disease. In just a few months, they sold hundreds of bracelets and have raised thousands of dollars for the endowment fund in Jamie's name.


Going forward, this endowment will annually generate funds to go towards Inflammatory Breast Cancer research and awareness. And it will help continue Jamie's legacy for generations.


How to Order a Bracelet:


To order a bracelet, please click to visit the Jamie Brooke Bracelets website! On the site you will see the array of bracelet designs that are available for purchase to benefit Inflammatory Breast Cancer research and awareness. For any questions, please contact Carole directly to learn more. Thank you.


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