Organization Endowment Funds

Lions Gate Continuing Care Retirement Community, an agency of the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey, established Organization Endowment Funds with the Jewish Community Foundation, Inc. to help ensure their future services for seniors.


Helpful Articles about the Importance of Endowment Funds for Non-Profits


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Non-profit organizations of all shapes and sizes need to plan and grow for the long term.


How can an agency-- such as a charity, school, synagogue-- establish a consistent annual funding flow to help provide vital services and programs for the community?


By establishing an Organization Endowment Fund with the Jewish Community Foundation, Inc., a non-profit will receive annual grants from the JCF based on a percentage of the principle in the fund (usually 5%). In the meantime, the funds are professionally invested and designed to grow in the long term. Additional contributions can be made to the fund at any time. It's a great way to ensure your organization's future!


The JCF provides many benefits to Organization Endowment Fund holders, including:


  • Professional oversight: The JCF's Acceptance & Investment Committee consists of finance and investment experts who oversee and manage the pool of money held by the JCF. This committee is tasked with ensuring that the funds are invested properly, with the goal of increasing return while minimizing risk over the long term. 


  • Administrative management: The JCF's experienced team of professionals manages all of the administrative tasks and reports so you don't have to, saving you valuable time and resources. By saving you this burden, you can focus on what you do best-- providing top quality services and programs, meeting with donors, and other essential functions-- not doing paperwork, holding more meetings, or other similar distractions.


  • Philanthropic services: As an Organization Endowment Fund holder, the JCF can serve as a planned giving resource, with the goal of helping you grow your endowment fund, thus benefiting your agency even more in the long run.


  • Donor relations: The JCF has a strong history of helping non-profits connect with their most loyal and passionate donors, and working with them to establish endowment funds, benefiting their beloved charities. This helps the non-profit to generate new funds and enables donors to leave a legacy of giving back to the community.


Want to Learn More?


To discuss how your non-profit organization can benefit by starting an Organization Endowment Fund, please contact the JCF at 856-673-2528.