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JCF Event with Rabbi Daniel Cohen Will Help You Create Your Legacy

“What will they say about you when you are gone?”

This is a fantastic question posed by Rabbi Daniel Cohen in the title of his new book, and is also the timeless (and timely) topic he will delve into during the upcoming 2021 JCF Legacy Celebration.

This free event will be held on Tuesday, November 16th, registrations are required, sign up here, or contact us at 856-673-2528 with any questions.

With this as a backdrop, the JCF shares some examples of what we can say about some beloved community members who are now, sadly, no longer with us.

Read the JCF's latest "Money Matters" column in the Jewish Community Voice to learn about legacies left by Fred Siris and Judge William Lipkin.

We hope that their stories inspire you to consider what legacy you will leave for the future and answer the question of "what will they say about you when you are gone?"


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