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"I Opened a Donor Advised Fund..."

"…because it enables me to give back to charity and lower my tax bill. I can do this by donating appreciated stock into the fund and then recommending grants from my online fund account over time. Holdings of index funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs) can also be donated into a DAF, which makes the DAF an even more valuable tool. I would recommend a DAF from the JCF to anybody who gives to charity, and even more strongly if they plan to donate appreciated assets due to the important tax savings.”

-Larry Bernstein

JCF Treasurer and DAF Donor

Interested in Learning More about How a Donor Advised May Benefit You?

The JCF is happy to assist, please contact us today at 856-673-2560 or

This information does not constitute financial, legal, or tax planning advice.

Please consult your trusted advisor as needed.


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