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Connecting with our Valued Donors Here, in Florida, and Everywhere

Connecting with our valued donors here, in Florida, and everywhere

The following is a reprint of the JCF's Money Matters column, published in the February 21, 2024 issue of the Jewish Community Voice, titled, "Connecting with our valued donors here, in Florida, and everywhere":

Have you traveled to other Jewish communities outside of Southern New Jersey and noticed the differences in those communities compared to here?

Each one is different in terms of its Jewish population size, history, needs, programs and services, participation, and more.

The South Jersey Jewish community is fortunate in many regards: Our variety of synagogues provides welcoming homes in which to worship. Our day schools provide exemplary Jewish education to our youngest community members. And our Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey and its family of agencies provide vital programs and services that benefit Jews of all ages, backgrounds, and interests, ranging from a world-class day camp to a highly-ranked continuing care retirement community, and myriad other initiatives that serve virtually everybody in between.

By no means does every Jewish community have all, let alone most, of what ours has to offer.

We are also fortunate because we have so many donors who have contributed to these initiatives over many generations, to ensure that Jewish South Jersey remains strong.

One group of donors who we have here at the Jewish Community Foundation we would like to recognize consists of those who may not live in South Jersey full time–or even at all-- anymore, yet still find it essential to continue their generous annual support, knowing that their donations benefit so many people, day-in and day-out. Perhaps they still have family or other “roots” in South Jersey, or perhaps they recognize the importance of supporting the community that supported them over time.

It happens that hundreds of these non-local donors reside in Southeast Florida, and each winter we are overjoyed to see them in person. Our 27th Florida Reunion is fast approaching, and if you reside in Florida, please let me know so we can hopefully catch up!

The week of March 10 marks our rendezvous in areas around Boca Raton and West Palm Beach, and we always have a memorable time reconvening. In conjunction with the Federation, we will host numerous enjoyable gatherings. Please learn more at, or contact me at (856) 673-2571 today.

One particular conversation that we frequently have with our donors in South Jersey, Florida, and elsewhere revolves around creating a legacy. While discussing after-lifetime giving may feel abstract or challenging, in fact, it’s a very tangible and revitalizing discussion to have.

Each of us must consider what happens with our personal assets after our lifetimes as we create or update our wills and name beneficiaries to our IRAs, life insurance policies, and other financial accounts. Similarly, devoted donors appreciate the honor of leaving a portion to the SNJ Jewish community. No amount is too small to leave a legacy, which will build a designated endowment fund and provide annual income to a donor’s preferred charitable organization for multiple future generations. L’Dor V’Dor.

Through the Life & Legacy initiative of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, over 600 donors and counting have committed to a legacy gift, and over 60% have formalized this commitment by putting their plans into action. Many donors feel inspired to even contribute toward an endowment fund during their lifetimes, so they can see their gift benefit others each year, while earning immediate charitable gift tax deductions.

In short, by creating your Jewish legacy, you will benefit countless SNJ Jewish community members for years to come.

Whether you live near or far from “the J” in Cherry Hill, your annual support of the South Jersey Jewish community and your after-lifetime legacy gift will bridge a wonderful past, a vibrant present, and a bright future.

Hope to see you soon in South Jersey, or even South Florida!


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