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Create Your Own JCF Grant Fund

Thanks to numerous philanthropic donors over the years, the JCF manages a group of endowment funds that collectively spin off annual income for our JCF Grants initiative.

From our recent ad in the Jewish Community Voice:

"Every spring and fall, JCF Grants provide funding for new and innovative programs and services benefiting South Jersey residents.

"By creating a named JCF Grant Endowment Fund, your philanthropy will impact countless lives every year."

JCF Grants support the Southern New Jersey Jewish and secular community, totaling approximately $60,000 annually. These dollars would not be possible without foresighted donors who wanted to leave a philanthropic legacy.

Leaving a legacy like this can be easy to do and cost nothing during your lifetime.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how you may launch your own, endowed JCF Grant fund, please contact us today at 856-673-2528.


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