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Here's Why a DAF is Not a FAD!

It's not often that a solution comes along that:

  • Makes your life easier

  • Enables you to save money (or, in this case, reduce taxes)

  • And even helps you improve the world (tikkun olam)

Well, a donor advised fund (DAF) with the JCF does all of the above, and more.

If you give to charity-- whether it's your local synagogue, the Jewish Federation, your alma mater, or any other 501(c)(3) organization-- a DAF with the JCF may be right for you, today and for the long run.

Here's how a DAF with the JCF works:

  1. Open a DAF: The JCF provides you with a few forms to fill out including an agreement, and once completed you will have a fund account in your name that can be accessed at any time online.

  2. Donate Assets, Save on Taxes: At your convenience, you contribute cash, stock, bonds, and/or other assets in any amount to the JCF to go into your fund, and you earn immediate tax benefits.

  3. Grow Your Fund: When opening a fund, you select the investment portfolio option that is right for you, and your donation is professionally invested by the JCF with the goal of growing your fund over time, enabling you to potentially give more money to charity than you originally donated.*

  4. Easily Recommend Grants: Lastly, when you choose to support any charitable organization, you simply access your account online (or contact the JCF directly) and recommend a minimum grant distribution request of $100, and the JCF does all the rest, including vetting the charity, cutting the check, and tracking your giving history. You can distribute the dollars in your fund to any causes you care about^, and at your own pace.


Thanks to all of the benefits a DAF provides, we're confident it won't be a FAD for you.

In fact, in recent years, donor advised funds have exploded in popularity, and we invite you to experience these benefits too, when you launch a DAF at the JCF.

We even welcome the chance to work with you and your trusted tax advisor as needed, to maximize your charitable giving with a DAF

Please contact us today at 856-673-2560 or to learn more or get started with opening your own donor advised fund. Thank you.


*Due to the nature of investments, your DAF balance will vary, and past performance is not a predictor of future outcomes. The JCF offers multiple portfolio options for each donor to choose from, to align with the comfort level of one's investing preferences.

^Per IRS regulations, the grant recipient must be a 501(c)(3) organization and a donor may not receive a tangible benefit such as gala tickets, auction items, etc. from the distribution. Full details of DAF policies and procedures will be spelled out for you in your agreement.


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