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Hey Everyone, Get Ready for "Each One Reach One!"

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Starting in 2014, the JCF partnered with the Harold Grinspoon Foundation to launch LIFE & LEGACY here in Southern New Jersey.

The goal of this groundbreaking initiative has been to expand legacy giving and ensure a vibrant Jewish future in our community and in more than 70 other communities across North America.

Thanks to the impetus of LIFE & LEGACY, more than 600 legacy donors have thus far committed to legacy gifts, which total an estimated $22 million in future contributions. These results are truly magnificent.

In short, legacy gifts that are received will benefit over 20 local Jewish organizations to grow their respective endowment funds that will, in turn, spin off vital annual income for future generations.

The JCF is thrilled to help donors create their legacies and boost our Jewish community for decades on end.

THANK YOU to all legacy donors who have decided to leave this community better than they found it for the future.

To build on the success of LIFE & LEGACY, HGF has created a new campaign called "Each One Reach One." The goal of this initiative is to encourage existing legacy donors to reach out to at least one friend or family member to discuss legacy giving and encourage others to create legacy gifts of their own.

By doing so, we aim to grow from over 600 legacy donors to 1,200, to help make this community's future twice as bright!

Important Note for Lay and Professional Leaders in the SNJ Jewish Community:

A special webinar featuring Arlene D. Schiff, National Director of LIFE & LEGACY from HGF, will be held for lay and professional leaders on Wednesday, August 18 at 11 a.m. to provide guidance on "Each One Reach One." We hope that at least one representative from each local Jewish organization will participate.

More details will be announced publicly in the next few weeks, but we encourage anybody who has not yet created a legacy to consider establishing one in the coming months. If you are currently or will soon be working on your will or estate plans, including a legacy gift is an easy way to achieve your philanthropic goals. You can even update your beneficiary designations in an IRA or a life insurance policy to reflect your charitable plans. None of these options will reduce your income during your lifetime.

Stay Tuned for More Information...

We look forward to sharing more details about "Each One Reach One" later this month.

We also encourage lay and professional leaders in the SNJ Jewish community to connect with the JCF if they have not done so already, to ensure that their organization is included in this promotion, as their organization may qualify for special incentive grants.

For any questions, please contact the JCF today at 856-673-2528 or


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