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Field Day Fun, Thanks to Blumenfeld Endowment Fund

Updated: 22 hours ago

Field Day Fun, Thanks to the Blumenfeld Endowment Fund

It seems as though whenever the "Blumenfeld Field Day" takes place at the Katz JCC, the weather is gorgeous. This year was no exception.

On June 7, a total of about 50 first graders from Kellman Brown Academy and Politz Day School united at the Katz JCC for a field day, thanks to funding from the Charles A. & Ethyl Blumenfeld Endowment Fund that was established in 2007.

The concept behind the field day is to bring together students from the two local Jewish day schools to give them the chance to interact, socialize, play games, exercise, and celebrate Judaism. These were some of the great joys that Charles "Charlie" Blumenfeld (of blessed memory) loved to see during his lifetime. To memorialize him after his death in 2005, Charlie's wife, Ethyl (of blessed memory) and son, Alan, established this fund to ensure the field day would continue annually.

To learn more about the creation of this fund, view this video from 2022.

Just like the weather seems to be beautiful for some field day fun every year, the Fitness & Wellness staff of the Katz JCC do an outstanding job of planning and hosting the event year, and this year was no exception.

After an icebreaker activity, the children had the chance play a fun game that combined basketball and tic-tac-toe and bounce in a bounce house in the gym, plus play kickball and run an obstacle course on the field. Following that, everybody joined together for a pizza lunch before departing back to their respective schools.

Alan Blumenfeld visited during the field day and took great delight in seeing the children have so much fun and interacting with one another, whether out in the sun or in the JCC building. Another successful Blumenfeld Field Day in the books!

View pictures from the field day via JCF's Facebook page.

Did you know that the JCF manages over $35 million in endowment funds that provide annual income for charitable programs and services of all shapes and sizes, such as this field day? If you would like to learn more about supporting an initiative that is near and dear to your heart to ensure it continues for future generations, please contact the JCF at 856-673-2528 or


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