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JCF Grants-in-Action Update #29, October 2022

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Before we delve into recaps of recently-completed JCF Grant-funded initiatives, did you know that the Fall 2022 JCF Grants Cycle is now underway?

Nonprofits serving Southern New Jersey may apply now through Wednesday, October 26th at 5 pm for JCF Grant funding for new and innovative programs and services. We hope to hear from you, apply today!

On with the show-- check out these three stories about programs and services that were funded all or in part by JCF Grants:


Cherry Hill Free Clinic

Volunteer Barbara Schwartz of the Cherry Hill Free Clinic informed the JCF that their purchase and installation of a medical refrigerator (pictured) was recently completed, thanks to a JCF Grant. This is an important appliance for the clinic as it will help many local residents in need, and for many years to come. According to Barbara, the refrigerator will be used for:

A. Point of care testing for diabetes and high cholesterol. The agents we use for our Hemoglobin A1C machine require refrigeration. And when we check Hemoglobin A1C onsite, we're able to see how well patients' blood sugars have been controlled over the last 3 months. It saves them a trip to the lab and pharmacy and allows us to start them on a preliminary course of medication and treatment. Often our patients have challenges with transportation so this is a huge benefit to them.

B. Safely store important Vitamin injections like vitamin B12 so we may test and treat vitamin deficiencies that are often prevalent among our patients.


Congregation Beth Tikvah

Immediate past-President of Congregation Beth Tikvah in Marlton, Rachel Kreimer provided this update of the "Leadership Matters" program funded by a JCF Grant and which benefited several dozen community leaders:

"This program provided training (via Zoom) for current (CBT) Board/Committee members, and education for emerging leaders in both our community and that of our collaborative partners, Temple Sinai (TS) – Cinnaminson and Temple Har Zion (THZ) –Mt. Holly, to enhance leadership skills and improve the function of the respective boards, both in their own communities, as well as in the greater community we live in.

"Our workshops were great, and beneficial to our communities. Thank you so much for your support."


Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey (Center for Impact & Innovation)

Per Moriah Benjoseph, Director of Leadership & Learning for the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey, a group of local nonprofit leaders took part in valuable presentations to help build their leadership skills and to, in turn, benefit the South Jersey community where they work:

"The Global Leadership Summit is a 2 day conference that brings in world-class speakers on elevating your leadership. In partnership with Pastor Jonathan Leath of Converge Church in Moorestown, NJ, and Sabrina Spector and JCRC, we convened 7 leaders of non-profit organizations to engage in the learning together."

Thank you to these community partners and so many others that make Southern New Jersey a remarkable place to live.

For questions about JCF Grants, please contact us at 856-673-2528 or


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