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JCF Works Closely with Clients and their Professional Advisors

JCF works closely with clients and their professional advisors

The following is a reprint of the JCF's Money Matters column, published in the July 12, 2023 issue of the Jewish Community Voice, about how the JCF and accountants, estate attorneys, and financial planners can work together to help the community and more:

If you are a professional advisor—an accountant, estate attorney, or financial advisor— who works with clients to fortify their tax, estate, or financial plans, this column is for you. If you are a client who works with an advisor, we encourage you to forward this column to your advisor(s) for their review (thank you!).

The Jewish Community Foundation, Inc. regularly works with donors and their professional advisors, and we aim to grow our connection with local advisors even further. In sum, we all benefit when we all work together, like a three-legged stool providing sturdy balance: Donors (clients) can maximize their charitable giving and tax benefits; advisors provide the best guidance to their clients to ensure that their tax, estate, and financial plans remain sound; and the JCF helps donors reach their philanthropic wishes during their lifetime, via donor advised funds and charitable giving support, and after their lifetime, through legacy gifts and endowment funds.

To ensure this happens, the JCF aims to facilitate:

• Networking Opportunities: Professional advisors can engage with one another during in-person gatherings. To this end, please join the JCF for an upcoming networking opportunity at the Shore. We will meet on Thursday, Aug. 3 at Maynard’s Café in Margate from 4:30-6:30 p.m., and your first drink is on us! Our gathering will merge with a Happy Hour event that is hosted by the three Jewish Federations that serve South Jersey from the River to the Shore, and is open to community members from this area. Contact JCF Assistant Director Mike Staff at to register.

• Committee Involvement: Our Professional Advisory Committee will be the engine that drives our work with advisors, and we welcome new advisors to lend their expertise. The committee will meet several times during the year to help plan events, recruit advisors, and keep the JCF’s professionals and lay leaders informed with relevant news and insights. To learn more, please email

• Knowledge Sharing: The JCF and advisors collectively have accumulated a wealth of information in their respective fields, and we all benefit when sharing information where our realms overlap. For instance, an accountant will be knowledgeable about new tax updates that may impact clients’ philanthropy, finances, and estate plans. We aim to facilitate this knowledge sharing on an ongoing basis, such as through in-person programs, quotes in published articles (like this column), one-on-one meetings, and even online at, where you can sign up for a free informational e-newsletter, access our Gift-Law Pro for charitable tax reference, and calculate charitable tax deductions.

• Referral Generating: One of the most successful ways to expand one’s reach is through referrals. We encourage advisors to refer prospective donors to the JCF, whether for current or legacy giving opportunities, and the JCF can include you on a list of referrals that we share with donors for when they need an advisor.

• Board Development: The JCF has a strong and active Board of Trustees. From time to time, we may invite advisors to speak to the board about charitable giving-related topics where you are an expert, and we often recruit new board members through our partnerships with professional advisors. Getting involved at this level is a prime opportunity to meet new people, share your expertise with local leaders, and give back to the community where you live and work.

Advisors, if any of these goals speak to you, please join the JCF in supporting the community now and for many future generations. We look forward to collaborating with you, please contact me at (856) 673-2571 or for questions or to get started.


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