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JWV Post 126: Supporting Scholars with an Endowed Award

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

While most endowment funds managed by the JCF have been established by individuals and families, organizations often establish endowments, too.

In this case study, endowment funds provide annual payouts that benefit an important cause of the organization, or, in some situations, a nonprofit or synagogue may set aside money into an endowment fund and receive the annual income for its own programming.

All told, an endowment fund provides a long-lasting way to benefit the community for future generations.

The Jewish War Veterans Furer-Barag-Wolf Post 126 exemplifies how an organization can establish an endowment fund that can have tremendous, ongoing impact, and we are proud to share a new video that focuses on on JWV's story.

In 2005, Col. Nelson L. Mellitz and fellow members of the Post came to the JCF to create a scholarship endowment fund to support scholars who are attaining post-high school education. The Post's scholarship awardees are children or grandchildren of Post 126 members, thus perpetuating the support of Jewish veterans and their families.

Each year, a committee from the Post reviews applications and selects awardees, making it a tangible way that Post members give back to the community. From there, the award recipients are invited to a JCF Scholarship Awards Reception as well as a Post meeting, gaining the opportunity to be presented with awards by local leaders and veterans. It's a true honor.

In all, the endowment fund has supported the education of more than 20 deserving scholars, and it will continue providing financial awards for decades to come.

To view a video about this award, visit JLink (no password required). We thank Col. Mellitz for taking the time to express his inspiring testimonial about this endowment fund.

For any organization looking to impact future generations in the way that JWV Post 126 has, contact the JCF today at 856-673-2528.

Photo caption—Pictured (l-r) are JCF past-President Milt Gottschalk, JWV scholarship awardee Beth Katz, and Col. Nelson L. Mellitz at a JCF Scholarship Awards Reception


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