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JCF Hosts Arlene Schiff for "Legacy 101" Presentation

The Southern New Jersey Jewish community is fortunate to have hundreds of generous and foresighted donors who are each creating a Jewish legacy by leaving an after-lifetime gift, as a result of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation's (HGF) LIFE & LEGACY initiative, which was brought to South Jersey in 2014.

Since that time, donors have made nearly 900 legacy commitments to more than 20 local Jewish organizations. These commitments are intended to boost endowment funds that provide annual income to local Jewish organizations for many years into the future.

Now, the JCF is working to increase legacy gifts thanks to HGF's new Each One/Reach One campaign, which offers financial incentives for increased legacy gifts, and by also offering financial incentives directly from the JCF.

To help legacy team leaders at the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey and its family of agencies and local synagogues and day schools, the JCF hosted legacy expert Arlene D. Schiff, National Director of LIFE & LEGACY, on Thursday, September 30th, for a "Legacy 101" presentation. You can watch the video recording here.

During the hourlong Zoom presentation, Arlene covered extensive ground by giving an overview to legacy teams from several participating organizations of what is involved with boosting legacy gifts.

For questions about legacy giving or building your legacy giving program, please contact the JCF at 856-673-2528.


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