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Get Ready for LIFE & LEGACY PLUS in SNJ!

With Rosh Hashanah beginning on Sunday night, the Board and staff of the JCF would like to first wish you a happy, healthy, and sweet New Year. Shanah tovah!

Community leaders celebrating Year 1 of LIFE & LEGACY in 2015

Tying in nicely with Rosh Hashanah is another "new year": A new year of LIFE & LEGACY in Southern New Jersey...

It's been eight years since the launch of the groundbreaking LIFE & LEGACY initiative of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation (HGF) in Southern New Jersey, in conjunction with the JCF. And what a wonderful adventure it has been.

Now, we look forward to kicking off a pivotal follow-up program to encourage the continued growth of the legacy giving culture in our Jewish community.

Get ready for LIFE & LEGACY PLUS!

For the next four years, the JCF will work with Jewish organizations throughout the community in partnership with the HGF, providing trainings, financial incentives, guidance, and more to advance legacy giving. Our launch will take place in October as we connect with local Jewish organizations and branch out to the community.

Since 2014, 20 organizations have received at least one legacy commitment, ranging from the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey and its family of agencies to synagogues to day schools. In total, over 600 individuals have committed to nearly 900 legacy commitments that may result in an estimated $22 million in future expected endowment fund assets.

THANK YOU to these hundreds of individuals who want to ensure the vitality of our SNJ Jewish community for many future generations.

THANK YOU also to the dozens of community leaders who have worked tirelessly to connect with others and secure these new commitments. Pictured are many of the community leaders who helped make LIFE & LEGACY a rousing success in Year 1 of the program.

This wide-reaching team effort will benefit our children, our children's children, and beyond.

Ready to establish a legacy?

You can leave a gift in your will, through a beneficiary designation of your life insurance policy or IRA, or by other vehicles that work for your estate and financial plans, including current cash gifts or donations of appreciated assets. You may even earn charitable tax benefits. (Please note that the JCF does not provide estate, financial, or tax advice, consult with your trusted advisor to learn more.)

More news will follow about LIFE & LEGACY in October, in the meantime, for any questions please contact the JCF at 856-673-2538 or


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