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JCF Grant-in-Action: Lions Gate "Tables" the Fun

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Sometimes a dining table is just a dining table.

And sometimes it's a beach. Or a painting. Or an air hockey table...

In the fall of 2020, Lions Gate received a JCF Grant towards purchasing an innovative piece of equipment for their residents to enjoy.

The equipment is called Mobii Magic Surface by OM Interactive, which projects an interactive image onto a table, floor, or other space, as you can see in the accompanying photos, courtesy of Lions Gate.

The projector is mobile and can be moved throughout the building to set up in any desired area, and offers 100 apps with different activities that incorporate sound and movement.

People of all ages and abilities can participate in the activities, and it is particularly beneficial to individuals with dementia since it is easy to use and helps with motor skills, socializing, and more.

According to Lisa Goldwasser, Director of Philanthropy at Lions Gate, the Mobii is used in different sessions approximately 20 times a week, during which time, "residents have experienced greater socialization, a willingness to communicate and has motivated the residents to 'get moving' with its highly engaging activities. There has been an abundance of laughter, smiles, and even spontaneous singing!"

The JCF proudly supports this initiative, and we are excited to see this impactful resource that will undoubtedly help many Lions Gate residents for years to come.

To learn more about JCF Grants, please contact us at 856-673-2560 or


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