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Meet Tools for School & PALS: Two Super Summer Initiatives

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Meet Tools for School & PALS: Two Super Sumer Initiatives

The Jewish Community Foundation, Inc. has the capability to assist groups who do great work in the community and want to accept donations for their cause, but are not set up as a separate 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

In this case, the JCF serves as a "fiscal sponsor," whereby, in short, the JCF provides administrative assistance such as collecting and holding donations and processing check payments, while the group can focus on its primary function of helping others.

Let's look at two groups that utilize the JCF in a fiscal sponsorship arrangement:


Tools for School, a dynamic, teen-led organization that was founded in 2013, is dedicated to empowering students through education. Since November of 2020, Tools for School has utilized the JCF as a fiscal sponsor.

Volunteers for Tools for School raise funds to provide backpacks and school supplies to children in need in South Jersey and the Delaware Valley.

Tools for School Preps to Pack 2,500 Backpacks

On Sunday, August 13 at 10 a.m. at Tomatoes Margate (9300 Amherst Ave., Margate City, NJ), Tools for School volunteers will pack 2,500 backpacks full of school supplies to give to young students.

Purchasing and packing 2,500 backpacks is a huge accomplishment, congratulations and thank you to all who assist in this substantial effort!

By distributing these backpacks, Tools for School plans to "create a more equitable educational environment and eliminate the barriers that block students from succeeding during their school year," according to Max Gaffin, a co-founder of Tools for School.

To donate, contact, get involved, or learn more about Tools for School, visit


PALS participants and volunteers in 2019

PALS (short for Peers Using AAC for Language and Socialization) has an annual mission of hosting a summer program for non-verbal/augmentative communication users in a structured environment, facilitating and fostering socialization opportunities.

Each summer, approximately 15 young adults under the age of 30 gather at the Katz JCC to participate in the PALS program, which includes a variety of activities that result in an infinite number of smiles from the happy campers.

As it happens, PALS will start the day after Tools for School's event, running through from August 14-18, culminating with a joyous and heartwarming celebration on Friday afternoon, which is open to the community.

To learn more about PALS or to make a donation, visit, or to contact or get involved, contact the JCF at

We wish Tools for School and PALS a double dose of great success this summer and beyond!


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