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Help Build the Jewish Future by Creating an Education Scholarship

The following is a reprint of the JCF's Money Matters column, published in the December 28, 2022 issue (sorry, we're a tad behind in posting this) of the Jewish Community Voice:

“There are few things more important than helping young people complete their education.”

This sentiment was recently shared by Col. Nelson L. Mellitz, who helped establish the Furer-Barag-Wolf Post 126 Jewish War Veterans (JWV) Scholarship Award with the Jewish Community Foundation over 15 years ago.

In today’s column, we will explore the “how and why” donors establish endowment funds to benefit future scholars, along with “what” the JCF Scholarship Awards application process looks like for any prospective applicants.

For starters, our annual scholarship awards would not be possible without the foresight and generosity of donors who create endowment funds dedicated to this important purpose. To learn about one such fund, visit and watch a brief video featuring Col. Mellitz, who discusses how the JWV award started and why it’s so consequential.

One takeaway of this video is that individuals, families, or even groups or organizations (like the JWV) can create endowment funds with the JCF to provide financial resources for post-high school students. This powerful legacy will help countless future generations of students attain the education that will propel them forward in life.

Thanks to donors in our community, the slate of JCF Scholarship Awards continues to grow:

We are pleased to announce the newly-established Jaclyn Ehrlich Travel Experience Award, created by Leah and Jason Wolf and family to memorialize Jaclyn Ehrlich (of blessed memory), who, in 2021, lost a two-year battle against Ewing’s Sarcoma at the young age of 18. The award will defray travel expenses for participants engaged in social action programs globally or for study in Israel, reflecting Jaclyn’s love of seeing the world.

Emma Wolf, Jaclyn’s dearest friend, said, “I hope the award recipient makes wonderful memories while traveling. I am so happy to have this lasting, impactful way to honor my best friend, ‘Jac.’”

If education tops your list as an important cause in life, I welcome you to contact me at (856) 673-2521 or to discuss how you, your family, or a group to which you belong may establish an endowed fund benefiting deserving scholars.

Speaking of deserving scholars, are you or someone you know pursuing post-high school education or travel programs? If so, consider exploring the various JCF Scholarship Awards that we offer, to see if you may qualify. The JCF will accept applications now thru Wednesday, Mar. 1 at 5 p.m. Visit to learn about our awards and to apply.

This year, we are excited to launch a new online platform through a company called Scholar’s App, with the primary goal of streamlining the application process for all. We encourage prospective applicants to review the awards that the JCF offers, determine which award(s) may be the best fit, and submit the requested materials for consideration. As an added bonus, applicants for JCF’s awards can also view and apply for scholarships available from other providers through Scholar’s App. We hope many throughout our community will take advantage of this great resource to mitigate the costs of post-high school education.

Looking ahead, following the application deadline, a volunteer committee, chaired by Carol Roth, reviews all submissions and determines the best candidates for each award. The JCF will announce the results by early May. From there, we look forward to our annual Scholarship Awards Reception in June to celebrate our awardees, their supportive loved ones, and our award donors—a remarkable way to conclude the awards process and pave the way for awardees’ future endeavors.

To echo Col. Mellitz’s words of wisdom, education is vital for young members of our community, but also our Jewish community’s future. Join us on this enduring endeavor.


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