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The LIFE & LEGACY Initiative is Returning to the South Jersey Community

The following is a reprint of the JCF's recent Money Matters column, published in the October 5, 2022 issue of the Jewish Community Voice:

Exciting news! The most successful initiative to inspire legacy giving in our Jewish community is returning to South Jersey. Everyone can play a part in securing our Jewish future.

In 2014, our Jewish Community Foundation (JCF) began a partnership with the LIFE & LEGACY initiative of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation (HGF). Since that time, over 600 generous individuals have committed to leaving a legacy to benefit a total of 20 Jewish organizations. These organizations include synagogues, day schools, and Federation agencies that serve residents in Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester counties. We estimate that these legacy gifts will collectively result in $22-million in future endowment assets.

Nationally, LIFE & LEGACY has expanded to include over 70 communities, totaling more than $1-billion in future expected endowment fund gifts. It’s worth celebrating that SNJ has received among the most legacy commitments of any participating community. Be proud that SNJ is part of one of the most successful philanthropic movements in Jewish history!

Perhaps you personally have taken part in LIFE & LEGACY, either as an organizational leader who helped facilitate conversations with community members or as a legacy donor who took the initiative to commit to leaving a future gift. Everybody plays a role in ensuring our community’s future, and we thank each person who has done their part.

As a follow up to the initial success of the LIFE & LEGACY, our JCF Board of Trustees is thrilled to announce the launch of LIFE & LEGACY PLUS for the next four years, thanks to the unparalleled support of the HGF and our board member and program chair Jodi Levine.

Clearly, this community cares about the future, and we know that LIFE & LEGACY PLUS will achieve more exemplary results in nurturing the culture of legacy giving.

Here are some facts about LIFE & LEGACY PLUS:

• How will LIFE & LEGACY PLUS operate?

Similar to the “original” LIFE & LEGACY, local Jewish organizations can take part, regardless of whether they participated previously or not. Each organization will have a legacy team in place to promote legacy giving, and the JCF staff and volunteers will provide administrative support, training, incentives, and more.

• How can I participate as a legacy donor?

You can contribute by creating a new legacy commitment, or by formalizing your existing commitment, or by establishing a new endowment fund (or contributing to an existing fund). Your involvement will help your beneficiary organization(s) earn incentive dollars for the year, while your future legacy gift (which may be incorporated into your will, life insurance, IRA, or other vehicle) will help grow endowment funds that will spin off income for many subsequent generations.

• How do I benefit by leaving a legacy?

Most importantly, by creating a legacy, your name will carry on in the Jewish community, and you will be passing on your Jewish values, which, in turn, will inspire others to hopefully do the same.

Please consider joining in this groundbreaking movement to boost our community’s Jewish future. It is incredibly easy to begin the process of “leaving your legacy” without costing you a penny during your lifetime.

To learn more or get started, I encourage you to contact me at (856) 673-2571 or at your convenience.


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