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JCF Column: 'Opening doors and creating a legacy for generations'

In the JCF's Money Matters column in the July 14th issue of the Jewish Community Voice, we meet Judie and Harry Morrow Ipictured, on right, who have supported the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey for over 25 years and who have given back to the community in so many other ways.

In addition, the Morrows "opened a door" to leaving a legacy via an endowment fund to benefit the Jewish Federation for many future generations... l'dor v'dor.

We thank the Morrows for remaining generous, loyal, long-term donors and also the hundreds of others like them who comprise our Silver Circle Society. We also thank the many community members who are legacy donors who want to ensure continued funding for Federation.

We hope you enjoy the column, and we welcome you to contact us to share your feedback or any questions you may have or to learn how you, too, can leave a philanthropic legacy.


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