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Stack Your Tzedakah! Open a DAF with the JCF to 'Up' Your Giving

Last summer, the JCF posted on our blog how you could "Boost Your Tzedakah with a DAF!"

What follows is a lightly revised version of the post from last year...

If you provide charitable gifts to the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey and/or any Federation agency, day school, synagogue, or secular nonprofit, you may benefit by opening a donor advised fund (DAF) with the Jewish Community Foundation, Inc.

A donor advised fund benefits donors in a number of ways.

With your DAF administered by the JCF, you may UP your charitable giving by:

  • Contributing to your fund today using cash or appreciated stock or other assets, and then making grant recommendations to any qualified 501(c)(3) organization or synagogue at any future time, enabling you to earn immediate tax benefits without having to make immediate decisions about your philanthropy

  • Having your fund professionally invested, with the potential for your dollars to grow tax-free and thus allowing you to provide more charitable dollars to causes you support (note that past results are not indicative of future performance)

  • Using your DAF to pay your synagogue membership dues

  • Maintaining anonymity with your charitable giving, if desired, while also avoiding having your fund information produced publicly, unlike a private foundation

  • Establishing a named giving fund for you and your family

  • Gaining the opportunity to connect with your loved ones over charitable giving and passing your fund on for your children or grandchildren to utilize

  • Saving significant time and resources compared to writing checks to charity and tracking all of your donations (since we do that for you) or operating a private foundation which can be time-consuming and costly

As you can see... a DAF with the JCF can take your philanthropy to new heights!

We welcome the chance to help you improve your charitable giving, and we invite you to consult with your trusted tax advisor to learn more about how opening a DAF may impact your taxes.

Please reach out to us at 856-673-2560 today to learn more or for any questions.


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