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Charitable Giving Resources 

Who doesn’t love to help others? And who doesn’t love a good list?

For this page, like apples and honey, let’s unite the two.

Open a Donor Advised Fund (DAF): If you write checks to charity, a DAF can streamline your charitable giving. Briefly, by contributing a tax-deductible donation to your DAF, you can then recommend grants to any charitable causes at any time. Plus, by donating long-held appreciated stock (or other assets) to your fund, you avoid capital gains taxes and can then divvy up the proceeds to support your favorite causes as you see fit.

Talk with Your Kids about Philanthropy: Between school, extracurricular activities, and other calendar-clogging events, discussing tzedakah with kids or grandkids may not be a top priority. However, when children gain experience with being charitable, it can add a wonderful new dimension to their thinking and experiences. Plus, you’ll be passing along a venerable Jewish value. 

Open a Carob Tree Fund (CTF) for a Teen: The JCF’s new Carob Tree Funds are akin to DAFs, but for teens. In addition to discussing philanthropy with kids (see above), giving them their own platform enables them to take ownership of their charitable giving, builds skills in investing, personal finances, and more, and inspires personal pride.

Match Donations to Carob Tree Funds: For each CTF opened with a minimum of $250, the Barnard & Amy Kaplan DAF will generously provide a $50 matching gift to the fund. To further spur CTF participants, you can offer an additional match in any amount that fits your philanthropic budget. For the fund’s first five years, each grant recommended by the teen fundholder will stay in the local Jewish community.

Leave a Legacy: When donors establish endowment funds with the JCF in any dollar amount, they create a legacy for future generations since each fund spins off annual income, benefiting selected causes. Leaving a legacy can be easy to do and may cost you nothing during your lifetime by including a gift in your will, or by designating a portion of your IRA, 401(k), or life insurance policy as a charitable gift.

Discuss Philanthropy with Your Advisor: In addition to leaving a legacy (see above), consult with your tax or financial advisor about how you can maximize your giving by gaining tax savings. Doing so may allow you to contribute even more to the charities you love.

Spread the Word about JCF Scholarship Awards: Did you know that the JCF provides approximately $30,000 in Scholarship Awards annually? If you know somebody who may qualify, they are welcome to review the criteria and apply at the beginning of every calendar year. 

Nominate an Emerging Leader: Coinciding with the JCF's Scholarship Awards, emerging leaders in the SNJ Jewish community can be nominated for financial awards to fund conference attendance and related professional or lay leader development opportunities. A simple nomination can be submitted by an agency director or other community leader. 

Hold a “Mitzvah Day” at New Camden Cemetery: Are you involved in a group that is looking for a unique community service project? As the administrator of the Jewish section of New Camden Cemetery, the JCF invites groups to lend a hand in beautifying the grounds.

Support a JCF Grant Request: Every spring and fall, the JCF awards Grants to local non-profits, day schools, and synagogues. We welcome you to join us in funding the requests that we receive, so you can see your donation “in action.” You’ll feel rewarded in helping organizations launch new and innovative programs.

The JCF looks forward to uniting with you in your philanthropy! 

To discuss any of the above ideas with the JCF, please contact us today at 856-673-2560. 

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