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4 JCF Endowment Funds Support Katz JCC Festival

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

4 JCF Endowment Funds Support Katz JCC Festival

The month of November proved to be a bustling, exciting month for the Katz JCC as they held their Festival, a Celebration of Community, Arts, Books, Films & Culture, which involved dozens of programs over the course of three weeks.

In previous years, the JCC held the Festival of Arts, Books and Culture for one week in the fall and a separate Jewish Film Festival for a week in the spring. This year's Festival combined both into one.

Thanks to generous donors, the Jewish Community Foundation, Inc. is proud to manage multiple endowment funds that financially support the Katz JCC's Festival every year:

  • Faktorow Family Jewish Film Festival of the Katz JCC Endowment Fund, created by Miriam and Shelly Faktorow (of blessed memory)

  • Valerie Gladfelter Arts, Books, and Culture Endowment Fund

  • Goodfriend Family Endowment Fund

Pictured are photos from Festival events where JCF donors or representatives took part by introducing the program to all in attendance.

Thanks to the donors who established and grew these funds, the JCC is able to ensure that the well-loved Festival returns each and every year to benefit the South Jersey Jewish community. It's a lasting legacy for future generations.

Speaking of legacy, in addition to the abovementioned programs, the JCF hosted a Life & Legacy Thank You Event prior to a Festival program featuring a panel of local authors, including Jayne Jacova Feld, who is also an endowment fund donor with the JCF, along with her husband, Craig, having started the Ravi Bloom Memorial Endowment Fund earlier this year.

Have you considered your legacy?

The JCF welcomes the chance to help you create a Jewish legacy through an endowment fund that will last for many decades and provide annual support to the Katz JCC's Festival or a preferred charitable cause of your choice. Contact us today at 856-673-2528 or to learn more. Thank you.

We hope you were able to attend some of this year's programs, and we look forward to next year's Festival, already!


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