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JCF Grants-in-Action, Spring 2021

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

As spring has melted into summer, the JCF is happy to report that a number of JCF Grant-funded programs and services have been kicking into gear in recent months, which is very exciting to see as we climb out of the Covid-19 pandemic shutdown.

What follows are recaps provided by several grantees, describing the initiatives that they have launched thanks to funding from JCF Grants, with accompanying pictures where available:

BBYO : BBYO Alumni Fellowship

Jenny Oswald, Regional Director,

BBYO South Jersey Region, said:

"SJR’s brand new Young Alumni Fellowship was an excellent addition to an unusual year... (O)ur three college student fellows each partnered with existing senior advisors in three of our BBG chapters this year. Each fellow served as a junior advisor in their assigned chapter and received mentorship from their senior advisor. Additionally, the fellows participated in professional development trainings throughout the year. These trainings covered the following topics: Knowing Your Strengths, Resume/Interview Skills, Basic Financial Literacy, and Self Care Strategies. The fellows also had access to optional add on trainings through BBYO including Coaching and Youth Mental Health First Aid. Our fellows brought their own BBYO experience to their chapters and were great assets to the region, while also learning and growing as leaders themselves!"

CASA of Camden County : Promoting Race Equity and Cultural Competency

Jonathan Cummings, Executive Director, said:

"CASA of Camden County has spearheaded the Race Equity Committee of the

CASA Network in New Jersey to bring awareness to the need for hiring staff and

recruiting volunteers who best reflect the children and communities we serve.

Through working with YRM Consulting and the Support Center for Nonprofit

Management, CASA is embarking on a 1 year commitment to work to develop

conversations, trainings and outcome measures that will ensure that the

necessary changes mentioned above will actually take place and become part of

the DNA of CASA of Camden County and the other CASA programs around the

state of New Jersey."

Congregation M'kor Shalom : Creating a Hybrid Synagogue for the Future

Michelle Bross, Executive Director, said:

"This program establishes a technology-driven approach to meeting the ongoing needs of our congregation. It requires enhanced audio-visual equipment and technical support to facilitate running virtual/hybrid events, prayer services, educational programs for early childhood and elementary school children, as well as adult learning and other synagogue programming."

JCC Camps at Medford : Zen Den

Sara Sideman, Camp Director, said:

"The JCC Camps at Medford is always looking to grow and improve programming by keeping up to date with trends and creating opportunities for meaningful summer experiences for campers. With the growing popularity of yoga and meditation, the connection between Judaism and yoga, and the need for campers to have moments of mindfulness during their camp day, the JCC Camps at Medford has turned the Carmel pavilion into the JCC Camps at Medford Zen Den. The Zen Den is a space for yoga and meditation programming for Camp Shalom and Camp Aaron campers, ages 7-13. It is also beautifully fitting that this is the pavilion we decided to transform, as one of the most famous areas of the Carmel Forest is the Carmel Forest Spa Resort, the largest health spa in Israel."

Note: Funding for the Zen Den was also generously provided by Meditation 4 Leadership and The Levy Family Foundation of the JCF. We thank these donors for their support of this project.

Save the Dates for Fall JCF Grants

To apply for JCF Grants during the Fall Cycle, please note that we will hold a complimentary Fall Grants Workshop on Friday, October 1st at 9:00 am, for those interested in learning more about our process. To RSVP, please contact us.

The deadline to apply for the Fall JCF Grants Cycle will be Tuesday, October 26, 2021 at 5:00 pm.

An announcement for the opening of the cycle will be made later this summer, stay tuned.

Thank you for your interest in JCF Grants!


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