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JCF Scholarship Awards Make Achievements Possible

JCF Scholarship Awards make achievements possible

The following is a reprint of the JCF's Money Matters column, published in the June 12, 2024 issue of the Jewish Community Voice, titled, "JCF Scholarship Awards Make Achievements Possible":

Find mentors. Weigh your options. Be solution oriented. Don’t be the one to count yourself out. Know your worth. Pay it forward. Be humble. Learn by osmosis. Work hard.

These lessons were shared by Devon Leslie, when she graciously spoke in front of some 70 attendees at the Jewish Community Foundation’s Scholarship Awards Reception on May 28. Devon had received two JCF Scholarship Awards in 2017 and has since graduated and moved on to a career in the marketing field in Philadelphia. We invited her to share some insights to the 2024 cohort of awardees–and she knocked it out of the park.

During her thoughtful and engaging speech, Devon shared the lessons listed above that she has learned during her high school, college, and early career years. Thank you, Devon, for sharing your insights that can benefit us all.

This annual reception marks a highpoint of the JCF’s calendar, as we honor scholars who, like Devon, received financial support from the JCF to pursue their educational and personal goals. We love to see our awardees achieve successes, advance their lives, and make the world a better place, and Devon is a perfect example of this.

Also saying a few words at the reception was JCF Board member and award donor Harv Cohen. After the passing of his sister Patrice (z”l) in 2010, Harv and his mother, Sylvia (z”l), created an endowment fund to carry on the legacy that Patti, as she was commonly known, established in being an entrepreneurial woman. There’s no doubt that Patti would be immensely proud of Devon’s success to date–and her impactful speech–as well as to know that her brother, Harv, has given back and helped our JCF and broader community in so many ways through volunteering and philanthropy.

Annual JCF Scholarship Awards would not be possible without the charitable generosity of numerous donors like Harv who created endowment funds to provide annual support. Let’s recognize each endowment fund (E.F.) listed here that enables us to provide an award: Benjamin Asbell Youth Upsilon Lambda Phi Fraternity E.F., Patrice Faye Cohen Memorial Scholarship E.F., Jaclyn Ehrlich Travel Experience E.F., Valerie Gladfelter Scholarship E.F., Leonard Jay Hirschfeld Memorial E.F., Furer Barag-Wolf Jewish War Veterans Post 126 Scholarship E.F., Colonel David Marcus Memorial Scholarship E.F., Robert L. Schattner Scholarship E.F., Seymour Siegel Youth Achievement E.F., Mildred Soefer Scholarship E.F., Student Opportunity Scholarship E.F. (In memory of Arthur & Eleanor Klein and David Rivkin), and the South Jersey Hebrew Association Freda & Sam Yacker Israel Experience E.F. Learn more at

In addition, the JCF provides the AlanJo Scholarship Award, Donald Love Memorial Award, and Susan Love Memorial Award thanks to donors who have given annually to provide additional financial assistance to deserving recipients.

If you have a passion for education or experiential travel, giving back to the community, and helping future generations succeed, please contact me today to discuss how you can create your legacy that will have a lasting and powerful impact on others.

There are many ways to leave your legacy through an endowment fund, and credit to Harv and his mother, Sylvia, for utilizing each of the following options: You can begin to grow the fund with current dollars (such as via an IRA charitable rollover or by donating appreciated assets), while gaining tax benefits; and/or, you can leave a legacy gift such as through your will or life insurance policy. Plus, you can memorialize a loved one if interested. You can even customize the awardee requirements.

Thank you to Harv and all our award donors, congrats to the deserving awardees, and happy Shavuot!


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