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SEI Hosts JCF for Engaging Site Visit

For over 20 years, the Jewish Community Foundation, Inc. has utilized SEI, based in Oaks, PA, to manage our investments and serve as an Outsourced Chief Investment Officer.

On Thursday, June 22, SEI graciously hosted eight lay leaders and nine staff of the JCF and Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey to tour their unique campus and art collection, meet and mingle, gather for lunch, and hear from three expert speakers. On behalf of everybody representing the JCF and Federation in attendance, thank you to SEI representatives Daniel Cappell, Kathleen Oldfield, and Jacob Bucha for coordinating and hosting us for this memorable site visit!

As some background, Al West founded SEI in 1968 and, along with his daughter, Paige, has grown an impressive personal art collection with hundreds of pieces installed throughout the sprawling SEI campus.

Seeing some of these artworks and learning about the creators was one of the highlights of the day for attendees. Pictured at right are photos from the day, some of which feature SEI's artwork including sculptures of sharks made from recycled tires, a giant head sculpture made from used white pages, and exquisite portraits painted onto used, flattened aluminum cans.

Further, the presentations revolved around three topics, all of which related to JCF's line of business of investing endowment funds and donor advised funds on behalf of generous donors:

  1. The Renaissance in Charitable Planning

  2. SEI's Economic Point of View

  3. SEI Asset Allocation

Located an hour from Cherry Hill, SEI's campus is also beautifully structured, home to old and new buildings alike. In fact, the location where much of the site visit gathering took place was the original, historic barn on the property which dates back hundreds of years. It has since been refurbished and is now referred to as the Idea Farm.

Feedback from the attendees was sharply positive, and we hope to arrange another trip sometime again in the future.


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