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JCF Welcomes Three New Endowment Funds

JCF Welcomes Three New Endowment Funds

Endowment funds managed by the Jewish Community Foundation, Inc. support diverse and impactful charitable causes for many future generations.

Each year, endowment funds pay out income to designated beneficiary organizations, to ensure that their programs and services are viable for decades on end.

In fact, endowment funds represent the lifeblood of why the JCF exists. We at the JCF take pride in securing the community's future by managing endowment funds created by donors and organizations.

With that in mind, the JCF is thrilled to welcome the following three new endowment funds, thanks to generous charitable contributions by local donors, that will join our hundreds of existing funds under management and will help benefit the South Jersey community in new and important ways:


Mindel Kaufman Life Long Learning Art Institute Endowment Fund

Sadly, our South Jersey community lost a remarkable and effervescent champion in Mindel "Minnie" Kaufman (z"l) upon her death in December 2023 at the age of 105. Pictured (seated, middle) earlier in December is Minnie with many of her family members, loved ones, and Katz JCC current and former employees who all joined together to celebrate the start of an endowment fund in her honor, established by her son, David, and his wife, Gerry. During the gathering at Lions Gate, where Minnie resided, many of her family and friends spoke about Minnie and her tremendous life. The fund will support art classes, rotating art exhibits, receptions, and more at the Katz JCC, to reflect Minnie's longtime love of art and also frequent attendance at the JCC throughout her adult life. We will all miss Minnie, but her legacy will live on for future generations, thanks to the launch of this fund.


The Morrow Foundation Project SARAH Endowment Fund

Project SARAH (Stop Abusive Relationships At Home) is an initiative of Jewish Family & Children's Service that "offers multi-faceted services including resource referrals, safety planning, case management, counseling, support groups, and other forms of assistance for victims of domestic violence and their families" in Southern New Jersey.

Per Melissa Morrow of the Morrow Foundation, the primary objective of this endowment fund is "to provide these courageous individuals with the means to offer holiday gifts to their children and, equally important, to indulge in something for themselves during a time marked by profound change and uncertainty. This initiative aims to serve as a beacon of support, encouragement, and hope, assuring these women that they are not alone in their journey. This cause holds deep significance as it strives to empower women, reinforcing their resilience and determination to overcome obstacles, all while emphasizing that they are not alone in their struggles and that there are people willing to stand by their side in their pursuit of a brighter future."


Colonel David Marcus Memorial Scholarship Award Endowment Fund

This scholarship award will provide financial assistance to high school seniors who will be attaining post-high school education at a military academy or participating in a military program in the U.S. Col. Marcus led an inspiring life, having graduated West Point, served in World War II, left his law practice to advise Israel's army while working closely with Israel's first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, before losing his life during Israel's War of Independence. Recipients of the annual award will exemplify Col. Marcus's incredible qualities, and the first award will be provided this spring. Thank you to Steven Eisner, Trustee of The Colonel David Marcus Lodge Memorial, Inc. for initiating this fund. (To apply for the award, visit the JCF's Scholarship Awards webpage.)

Interested in creating your legacy or establishing a legacy in memory or honor of a loved one? Contact the JCF today at 856-673-2528 or to learn how you can get started and how it can be easy to do and cost nothing during your lifetime.


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